Moving to a new platform

September 24, 2020

Deadline postponed for integration to the new payment platform

If you have started your move from our old payment platform to the new one, the deadline to finalize it has been postponed. This so you can have a smooth and successful integration.

Our goal is still to close all card payments on the old platform as soon as possible as it does not meet the requirements for safe online payments from the EU directive (PSD2) and card issuers (EMV 3DS).


August 4, 2020

Card payments on the old payment platform are being shut down

If you are using our payment solutions and did not begin switching payment platforms by 30 June 2020, your card payment solution no longer meets the demands from the EU directive (PSD2) and card manufacturers (EMV 3DS) for safe online payments. Because of this we must shut down your card payment solution on the old platform.

If you switch to our new payment platform by 30 September 2020, your card payment solution will automatically meet the demands and be activated again. You can find instructions on how to switch platforms further down.

If you choose not to switch to our new payment platform by 30 September 2020, your contract with us will be cancelled as per our general terms and conditions.


June 17, 2020

Have you switched to our new payment platform?

If not, you need to begin doing so no later than 30 June. We will not be shutting down card transactions on the old payment platform on 30 June, but to keep using our services for card payments, you will need to begin integrating by then. You can read how to switch to the new payment platform further down.


You may have already read the letter "Important information about changes to your payment services with us"? Then you are already aware that you need to move your payment solutions to our new platform as soon as possible, by June 30, 2020 at the latest. Once you have done so, your payment solutions will comply with the requirements of the EU Directive (PSD2) and card companies' requirements (EMV 3DS) on safer online payments.

What do you need to do?

How you move to the new payment platform depends on which integration solution you have on the current platform. Please choose the same solution that you use today. More information about each solution and how the transition is made can be found below.

  • Integration Module

Our modules/SDKs are under development and we do not offer support for these versions. Since the modules are not yet used in production they cannot be used for this integration. Instead, we recommend that you either integrate on your own or contact one of our partners for help. Later on, we will again be offering supported versions of the modules/SDKs.

Contact us at if you need help finding the right partner.

Click here to read more about own integration

  • Partner

Click here to see a list of our partners. Is your partner not on the list? Contact us at and we will help you. Your technical partner will, together with us, carry out the platform change for you. [More information is coming]. If you have questions about the move, you should direct these to your partner 

  • Own integration

Click here to read more about own integration. We offer Software Development Kits (SDKs) in PHP for those who wish to carry out integration by themselves. To do so, you need to follow the steps in this list. 

  • Unsure which solution you are using?

If you don't know which solution you are currently using, you can contact us at, and we will help you.

Do you need help?

Are you a customer of ours and have questions about the move to the new payment platform?  Contact us at and we will help you.