Own integration

If you use your own integration, you need to contact us on move.to@swedbankpay.com and inform us of:

1. Your account number for the PayEx platform

You can find your account number by logging in to our admin portal. Log in.

2. Your payment services

You need to identify which payment services you currently use. These are listed in your agreement with us. If you decide to add a new payment method or use our checkout, a new contract needs to be signed.

After you contact us, we will:

3. Create a test account

When you gain access to the test account by e-mail, you will be able to continue your integration and perform tests. Follow the steps for your specific integration at developer.swedbankpay.com/

4. Perform an acceptance test

Once you have finished testing, please send the link to your test page to move.to@swedbankpay.com. We will perform an acceptance test and once the results are approved, you will get acess.

5. Gain access to the new platform

You now have access to our new platform with secure and simple payment solutions. You get a modern administration interface and automatic access to the required EMV 3DS security feature while your customers get a better shopping experience.

6. Do you have any questions?

Do you need support with the transition? Contact us at move.to@swedbankpay.com and we will help you.