About cookies

This cookie policy aims to inform you how we, PayEx Sverige AB org.nr. 556735-5671 (“PayEx” or “we”) uses cookies and similar technologies on our websites. For the sake of readability we will refer to all such technologies as cookies, unless stated otherwise.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a text file that a website saves on your computer. It cannot cause any harm nor does it contain viruses. Many websites use cookies to give visitors access to various functions. It is possible to use the information in cookies to track how visitors to a website navigate the website and the choices made by visitors during their visit to the website. 

In accordance with local EU/EEC country legislations (see below for examples), anyone visiting a website with cookies must have access to information stating that the website contains cookies and the purpose for which cookies are used.

Local legislations

The following links goes to local legislations in the countries we operate in:

Cookies on PayEx and Swedbank Pay websites

We use persistent cookies and session cookies as described below. The information in these cookies is only linked to your computer (via your IP address) and your visit to PayEx and Swedbank Pay websites 

What do we use cookies for?

We use our own cookies and third-party cookies from trusted providers for, among other purposes, usage analysis that forms the basis for improving our website. We also use cookies to deliver certain functionality, such as customer service and chat functions.

What types of cookies do we use?

A complete list of cookies we use, their origin and their lifetime is given in the table further down on this page.

Session cookies

Session cookies are stored temporarily in your computer’s memory while you are browsing a website. Session cookies are not stored permanently but disappear once you close the browser.

Persistent cookies

Persistent cookies save a file on your computer for a predetermined period (see details in table below). They are used, for example, to enable the website to recognise you and your chosen preferences.

Third-party cookies

Cookies collect data that is used to improve PayEx and Swedbank Pay websites, ads and offers, and to provide functionality. Targeting cookies are used to:

  • Collect information about page visits on the websites, and personal information to provide targeted ads on third party platforms.

Performance cookies are used to:

  • Calculate the number of unique visitors to the website and collect anonymous information about user behaviour. This type of cookie expires after two years.

The web platform sets session cookies that collect information to:

  • See if you are a recurring visitor.
  • Identify individual sessions.
  • Ensure that you can access the website over time and that the same server is used throughout your site visit.

The website’s cookie management tool (OneTrust) sets cookies to:

  • Enable cookie management and user preferences.
  • Determine whether or not cookies are enabled in the browser.

Consent to cookies on PayEx and Swedbank Pay websites

Your consent is required to set cookies that are not necessary for the website to function. Consent is given by cookies being accepted on the website. You can change or withdraw your consent to cookies on the website or through your browser’s settings at any time, see below.

Managing cookies in your browser

The following external links explains how to manage your cookies in popular browsers:

Changing settings

Click the button below to change your consent settings.