Accept Payments in Stores & Restaurants

Do you have a store, restaurant, bar, café, or food truck where customers come to you, or do you travel to them? Whether your customers come to you or you go to them, we have what you need to accept payments from them.

Smooth on-site Payment

We help you find the right equipment to make payments as simple as possible. But we also support the process behind the purchase, ensuring that the customer's card is accepted and that the money from the card payment reaches your account as quickly as possible.

Payment solutions for all types of businesses

We offer payment solutions that suit all types of businesses, regardless of industry. Our customers come from a wide variety of operations, such as:

  • Beauty salons, including spas, massage, and foot care
  • Private clinics for therapists, such as chiropractors, physiotherapists, doctors, and dentists
  • Restaurants, fast food places, and food trucks
  • Grocery stores, kiosks, candy shops, and tobacco retailers
  • Stores with various focuses, such as florists, sports shops, auto accessory stores, and clothing stores
  • Accommodations, including hotels, motels, guesthouses, and hostels

Want to know more about in-store payments?

Find out more about in-store payments or get in touch with us by visiting Swedbank Pay in your country.